Hiya EVERYONE, first of all I REALLY want to thank you all for your constant care and support, towards my personal clothing range JUST BE YOU! It’s been my passion now for so many years!!!!

It would have been so very easy for me to sign up to be the face of a well known high street store, but I wanted this for myself!!!

Mainly to be able to design clothes that I am so very proud to wear myself, and my number one priority was making fashion for all shapes and sizes, that’s why my brand is available from size 10-26.

FASHION is and always has been a massive part of my life, I just adore clothes, they make you feel complete and I hope confident!

There is honestly not one day of my life where I don’t get a message sent to me saying “who am I wearing” and now I can answer it straight away…I am wearing JUST BE YOU! Now so can you!!!


I thought long and hard about what to call my range, and it all seemed so simple when I remembered the wise words of my beloved mum, who looks down on me from heaven everyday.

Just before I went into Strictly before my mum passed away, I said to mum “mum I am so nervous about joining Strictly” and she replied so very confidently to me “darling, just be you” so there it is the reason that I named my brand this, and it’s nice to think she is still with me through my love of clothes!!!


I really hope you enjoy all the collections I am going to keep bringing you in conjunction with the wonderful Ideal World Shopping channel, and great company to work with, expressive, vibrant and ambitious, the kind of people I just love working with!!!